Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello reader and a most gracious welcome to What White Chicks Cherish. Here, I'll be providing the results of nearly four decades worth of less than scientific research into the myriad of things Caucasian women (particularly those in the mid-20s to early-30s, post-college, young professional demographic) are particularly fond of.

For those of you that know me, I realize you must be saying to yourself "But Mark, you're a broke, immature, 33-year-old single idiot. What could you possibly know about what white girls like?"

And you would be making a very cogent and astute point. Yes it's true, I am a broke, immature 33-year-old single idiot. But I would argue that I've learned a great deal about the behavior of white girls from 33 years of being largely ignored by them. And though I have been in a few meaningful long-term relationships with some truly special white girls, those relationships inevitably ended with me magnificently failing them in some way. But they were nonetheless learning experiences. And what I lack in the self-confidence and courage required to approach and initiate conversation with cute white girls, I more than make up for with an uncanny ability to observe their behavior in non-creepy ways. Simply put, I take notes with my eyes. And I'd like to believe my observation skills are highly keen, maybe even above average.

I am aware that the premise for this blog may appear to be somewhat stereotypical and insulting. And I want to assuage any fears by saying to white girls everywhere, "White girls, I love you." Sincerely. I always have and always will. And in good humor I just wanted to find a way to comically discuss the things you, as white girls, enjoy and cherish.

Also, I am well aware of the existence of the uber-popular and successful "Stuff White People Like" blog and book phenomenon. And I am aware of the strong conceptual similarities WWCC (that's "What White Chicks Cherish" for the layperson) has with the aforementioned "Stuff White People Like." And yes, it may be unoriginal and a bit of a copy cat, but I nevertheless find it funny, and that's all that matters. And yes, I know only true goons laugh at their own jokes, but I believe I've made it quite clear up to this point the near ninja-like qualities my self-deprecation has reached.

So with all the legal disclaimers now out of the way, I'll only ask a few things of you, dear, reader:
1. Feedback and suggestions for future entries are both appreciated and welcomed. I already have compiled a sort of "master list" for the blog, but in the interests of keeping it going, feel free to contribute your thoughts.
2. I am certainly not opposed to shameless self-promotion, but if you enjoy the blog, please help share it amongst the Internets.
3. Join the Facebook group here and share commentary, stories, ideas and even real-life photos of white girls in the act of cherishing the things they cherish.
4. This blog is meant to be humorous--of the foot in mouth/tongue in cheek variety--so if you're not into sarcasm and lightheartedness, maybe you'll have better use of your time over at

And finally, a huge thanks to Creative Circus graphic designer (and top-notch white girl) Eliza Gager for doing the logo!


  1. Good work, Eliza! This looks fantastic. And you too, Mark.

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