Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dearest WWCC readers,

From the bottom of my heart I have to offer a most sincere thank you to you all for reading, following and sharing the blog. The response this far has been nothing short of overwhelming to me. And as you can see from the screen shot of WWCC's Google Analytics Tracker, WWCC is closing in on 6,000 visits in the two months the blog has been live!

WWCC has had readers from every state in this wonderful nation and 35 countries (some of which I had no idea contained white chick residents, let alone access to the Interweb). The blog has 68 followers, the Facebook group is up to 258 members and the Twitter feed is currently sitting at 97 followers.

And based upon this success (did I mention how completely and utterly amazed I am by it?) I have a giant favor to ask of you all. Here's to hoping White Chicks Cherish Networking and Philanthropy:

Now, you may be asking yourself "I'm just a fantastic white chick, what can I possibly to do help?"

And you are fantastic, white chicks. Truly. And you most certainly can help.

At the tender age of 31 I decided to leave behind gainful, albeit completely unfulfilling, employment to pursue a career in advertising as a copywriter. This March I graduated from The Creative Circus, a two-year advertising portfolio school here in Atlanta (it's a legitimate, accredited institution I assure you. And unfortunately I did not get to learn useful and marketable skills like Fire Juggling, Trapeze Artistry, Primate Tomfoolery or Clown Car Packing).

The job hunt thus far has been extremely challenging, intriguing and humbling all at once—all the time. I've had some minor succeesses—some freelance work, an internship and a few interviews that regrettably did not pan out as I'd hoped. And I'm faced with staggering amounts of student loan debt in a down economy in an incredibly competitive field and I could use some help.

So giant favor #1 is: If you or anyone you know happen to work in advertising or marketing or if you happen to know of anyone in need of a writer I beg of you to please help me do some networking. My website contains my student portfolio, a few examples of real work I've done, my resume and links to WWCC as well as several other writing samples. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you may know in advertising (though I have heard that folks using Internet Explorer have some difficulties properly viewing the site, it works just fine in Firefox or Chrome).

I have a few irons in the fire currently but it can never hurt to have more good people behind a cause. Initially, I wanted to try to stay here in Atlanta to begin my career and stay relatively close to family and friends. But in the hopes of getting my career in full-swing I would consider moving anywhere for the right opportunity.

I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't say that the success of the blog thus far has not given me delusions of grandeur. And I do have some pretty fantastic, currently unreachable, pipe dreams for the scope of the blog in the form of merchandise and lucrative book deals. But this blog started as a creative outlet solely for fun and I've had a complete blast writing it. Regardless of what may or may not occur financially, I promise to keep this going as long as I can as long as you all keep reading it.

Any pipedreams of personal financial success derived from WWCC most certainly never included begging for money. But a friend and loyal reader suggested putting a PayPal Donations tab on WWCC—and it lives in the upper right hand corner of the blog if you are so inclined.

I sincerely cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to read WWCC and share a lot of great compliments and comments and I apologize for this post being not nearly as fun or enteraining as others. Part of the appeal of the blog to me has been testing the effectiveness of social media. Altough I have done my fair share of shameless self promotion on behalf of WWCC, its unbelievable success thus far has no doubt been a result of readers sharing it all throughout the Internets.

And now I hope White Chicks Cherish jumping on the bandwagon to help find Mark Pantsari a job.

WWCC will shortly return to its regularly scheduled programming...thank you!!!

Feel free to drop me a line at

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