Monday, November 8, 2010

White Chick of the Week: Poem Turner

WWCC loyalists, please accept my most sincere apologies for a lack of posts this previous week. I was out of town for a couple of days and was severely lazy over the weekend (I spent a majority of it in my pajamas napping at all hours of the day).

So in the interests of getting back on task...

This week's White Chick of the Week marks a few firsts in the short-lived WCOTW feature.

She is the first White Chick that has been nominated, and comes highly recommended from a mutual friend who was a college buddy and former roommate of mine from my starving artist days in Charleston, SC.

She's the first married WCOTW...proof positive that some other idiot dude (no offense to her hubby, of course) out there clearly recognized her mettle and appeal as a top-notch white chick.

She's also WWCC's first White Chick of the Week to not have a college or professional background in Communications/Public Relations (turns out White Chicks are capable to excel in other fields as you will soon learn).

And she's also the first North Carolina resident to be featured as a WCOTW.

So without further ado, it is an esteemed honor (as always) to introduce WWCC's White Chick of the Week: Poem Turner


Age: Let's just say it stops at 29.

College: "We're the Red and White from State and we're here to kick your a**" (As a side note, this NC State alum's beloved football team was vanquished by my Clemson Tigers over the weekend in what was easily the fugliest game of two-sided offensive ineptitude that the NCAA has likely ever seen in its storied history).

Major: One of them has to do with fish.

Occupation: Molecular Biologist

Hometown: The Sunny Caribbean

Current City: Cary, NC. "Money" magazine called us the #5 Best Place to Live in the U.S.

A quick, interesting fact about Poem: Option 1: Due to my name and that I'm from the Islands, people tend to think I'm black. Then they meet me and realize "Money" magazine should have named me the Top 5 Whitest chick ever. Option 2: I know every lyric to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

The Things Poem Cherishes Most

Chick-fil-A Combo Meal: The one with the nuggets and honey mustard sauce along with a Cookies and Cream milkshake. But I have to give a shout out to the breakfast Chicken Minis!
Non-threatening Singer-songwriter: The Avett Brothers
Brand of Ridiculously Expensive Blue Jeans: David Kahn or Paper Denim & Cloth
Boutique Cupcake Flavor: Pina Colada
White Chick Flick: "Princess Bride," "Laws of Attraction," and "Intolerable Cruelty"
White Chick Lit: I don't often indulge, but when I do it's anything by Candace Bushnell
Adult Beverage: Chocolate martini but Drunken Gummy Bears are high on the list.
Item of Accoutrement: Big Sunglasses


It's been a long week at work, tell us about your ideal white chick weekend: Catch a plane with in-flight beverages to NYC to visit my sister. Get a massage, go shopping, spend way too long getting dressed up (inappropriately for the weather, of course), dinner at an overly-hyped "hard-to-get-reservations-to" restaurant, dancing to live 80's music, making fun other white chicks for doing the same thing, brunch the next day, prep for a dinner party, writ my White Chick of the Week profile while helping back a scratch-made cake, quick dinner party with adult beverages, and fly back home to snuggle with my hubby.

What name do you have picked out for your hypothetical children? For a girl I prefer Andrea or Audrey, but we'll probably compromise on Reagan. For a boy, my husband already has the whitest name ever (Robert Charles), so we may just recycle that since it's too good to waste.

What are some of the things you cherish most as a white chick? I do love spin class and who doesn't love a blog about their lifestyle (author's note: Boo Yah!). And do I really need to mention shopping?

Your wildest dreams come true and you have a chance to be a guest on "Oprah," "Ellen," or "Live with Regis and Kelly" but ONLY one. What did you do to become famous and which show would you appear on? My sister and I opened a boutique paperie and full-service event planning store that became wildly successful. Ellen and I will discuss it one afternoon along with the acting talent of Portia de Rossi on the short-lived white chick favorite "Better Off Ted."

Tell us something very un-white chick about you: There's not even room to start...

If you could trade places with any famous white chick who would it be? Julianne Moore because she's so fabulous.

Nominate yourself or a fabulous white chick friend to be WCOTW by emailing me at

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  1. I adore the Billy Joel reference. Great WCOTW post! Poem is fabulous. :)