Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashionable Rain Boots

Though it would never happen in our capitalist society, I am of the staunch and unrealistic belief that everything should be shut down on days of inclement weather. I'm not talking about brief summer showers where it dumps rain for 20 minutes and then the sun comes out again, I'm talking about days where it's a torrential downpour. All. Day. Long.

Nothing is worse than having to go about your normal business on a rainy day. It puts a damper on everything—the bottoms of your pants get rain-soaked, it's impossible to have a good hair day and people drive like complete and total nit-wits.

Businesses should close and mandatory "sick" days should be granted to all tax-paying citizens on rainy days because all you really want to do (and should be required by law to do) is lay around in your pajamas and watch movies you seen a bajillion times all day.

But this line of reasoning, as appealing as it may be to most white chicks, is faulty at best. Rainy days present a unique opportunity for white chicks to showcase a hidden gem in their fashion arsenals...and that's because White Chicks Cherish Fashionable Rain Boots.

WWCC has discussed on several occasions how white chicks will likely choose form over function when it comes to looking adorable and Fashionable Rain Boots represent a happy union of the two. From a manufacturing perspective, Fashionable Rain Boots are functionally the same as the gear worn by commercial fishermen—they're made of rubber to keep one's feet secure and dry from precipitation and provide ample traction for wet, slippery surfaces.

But there's a big difference between a commercial fisherman's galoshes and Fashionable Rain Boots; a great pair of Fashionable Rain Boots are To.Die.For. And I highly doubt that brands like Steve Madden, Coach, Michael Kors, Chooka and Burberry give a damn about commercial fisherman when they can sell Fashionable Rain Boots to white chicks for a retail price of anywhere from $59.95 to $250!

A fabulous pair of Fashionable Rain Boots are likely to incorporate any of the following in their design:
--Polka Dots
--Animal Print (OMG..have you seen the Peacock print?)
--Bright, Solid Colors (like yellows, reds or pastels)
--Cute, Baby Animals (such as whales or duckies...bonus points if the duckies are dressed in their own adorable rain garb)
--Some type of artsy pattern (hearts, flowers or paisley for example)
--High-end name-brand accoutrement (ie. The Coach logo or Burberry plaid)
--Or possibly something ironic (ever seen a super cute white chick in a pair of Fashionable Rain Boots sporting a skull and cross bones? I have.)

Fashionable Rain Boots can virtually be paired with any outfit: they go well with shorts in the summer, a mini skirt or dress and are fab on cold, wet days with a pair of ridiculously expensive jeans or leggings tucked in.

A white chick only needs a low-percent chance of rain to bust out her Fashionable Rain Boots. I've seen white chicks sporting their FRB's on completely sunny days and I've been jealous of white chicks and their dry feet on days when it's raining cats and dogs and my socks are soaking wet inside my shoes (ugh...the WORST!).

But rest assured no matter the weather forecast, when it comes to a white chick and her preparedness for inclement days, there's a 100% chance of Fashionable Rain Boots.

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  1. mine have owls on them and i secretly wish for it to rain sometimes just so i can wear them. i also have an umbrella that looks like a panda bear and has ears. the combo is pretty much the whitest thing ever.

  2. This is a pair of great looking boots, love them! I love polka dots and even the umbrella I have have these happy dots. My friend's birthday is coming up and he seemed to cherish reminding me that he wants a pair of rain boots this year. I pity men who have limited colors and patterns of rain boots to choose from, LOL! That being said, I won't go for a polka for his boots, but rather, time to set my eyes on sites that provide great-looking ones, nonetheless. I've stumbled on this site and it seemed, ok. What do you think? Here's the link