Monday, January 31, 2011

Boots (addendum): Sassy Ankle Boots

Despite the uncanny, hilarious and in-depth observations WWCC posts on a pretty consistent basis (hopefully WWCC will become more consistent), there are certain aspects of White Chickdom that sometimes go unwritten or unnoticed (or un-copy and pasted from a separate document your humble author may or may not have written on the company dime). Needless to say, such lapses in observation are embarrassing. But I'm just ONE single-idiot dude covering an entirely mystical species of creature, and I'm bound to overlook something once in a while.

Thanks to some well-intentioned WWCC comments I was alerted to the fact that I neglected to mention a particular fashion of boot in the previous blog post about White Chicks Cherishing Boots. It's a small privilege to know the blog is being read and enjoyed, and a greater one to know that folks are invested enough to take the time and offer suggestions...and point out my shortcomings in certain instances.

With that being said, I swear I wrote a piece on Sassy Ankle Boots for the previous post. And in my carelessness of not posting at all last week I may or may not have decided to embellish this post from the aforementioned document.

In case you didn't know, White Chicks Cherish Sassy Ankle Boots:

The Sassy Ankle Boot is skyrocketing to popularity in the Boots category for White Chicks. And though widely popular, not every White Chick will venture to wear Sassy Ankle Boots.

Typically, White Chicks that Cherish Sassy Ankle Boots have a bit of an indie/hipster slant to them. Although they may most certainly be a white chick at the core, they have an uncanny ability to look vaguely Asian or possibly Hispanic at times due to their mastery of eye make-up and their hair styles which look messy and unkempt but require a meticulous routine to give off that apperance. Their wardrobe generally attracts attention in some sort of way–super skinny jeans, bright and/or wildly designed tights, lots of colorful scarfs and maybe some type of cardigan sweater with some cute, vaguely ironic pins or buttons adorning said sweater. It's a sort of bohemian thrift-store-chic-look that undoubtedly pairs a super cheap bargain basement item with something insanely overpriced. And although it may not make much sense upon first glance, the more you stare at said indie/hipster White Chick, the more you realize she totally pulls it off.

These Sassy Ankle Boot wearing White Chicks are interesting creatures and a bit of a subset in the White Chick species. They're full of delightful contradictions. Like, maybe she's vegan but smokes cigarettes (only American Spirits, though). She loves beer, Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon in particular, but will swoon when she sees photos of baby animals that aren't cute as adult animals or a miniature version of a regular product in a store (ie. those really tiny, single-serving bottles of Tabasco).

Her boyfriend may or may not be in a band, but he has a mustache and wears a funny hat sometimes. (If Sassy Ankle Boot wearing White Chick was ever to join a band she'd certainly play bass.) She's still getting over her once-favorite music groups like Kings of Leon, the Avett Brothers or Mumford & Sons (who are really just the Avett Brothers from England) going from relative unknowns (ie. "theirs") to being wildly enjoyed by the masses. And she's currently really enjoying a band that has some sort of animal name in its title (ie. Bear, Deer, Fox, etc).

Chances are this Sassy Ankle Boot wearing White Chick has some sort of facial piercing (most likely the nose, but quite possibly a dimple). And maybe, just maybe, she has a tattoo on her wrist.

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