Wednesday, March 23, 2011

White Chick(s) of the Week: Kelli Gilreath and Stacy Holcombe

This week, WWCC once again ventures into unchartered territory with the latest installment of the White Chick of the Week. This week, we double the normal amount of astounding White Chick-dom that is showcased on the WCOTW feature with WWCC’s first set of twins.

Like all idiot men (and I say this in a totally respectful and non-creepy way) there is just something undeniable about twins. So when I received an email from not just one, but two, fabulous White Chicks espousing their love of WWCC and wanting to be featured, I was twice as inclined as I would have previously been to grant their request.

So, without further ado, please welcome the latest and greatest (and up-to-date the most identical) White Chick(s) of the week: Kelli Gilreth and Stacy Holcombe. (In case you have trouble telling them apart, Kelli’s on the left and Stacy’s on the right). The twin sisters have also taken to the Interwebs and blogosphere as “The Single Gal and the Housewife,” follow them on their blog and on Tumblr.


Kelli Gilreath (from here on referred to as KG)
Stacy Holcombe (from here on referred to as SH)

KG: 27
SH: 27 (11 minutes older than Kelli)

KG: The University of Georgia/English  (Go Dawgs!)
SH: Reinhardt College/ English

KG: Claims Adjuster/Auto Insurance Industry 
SH: I recently quit my glam (insert sarcasm here) Claims Adjustor job to stay home and raise my LWC (Little White Chick aka White Chick In Training).  I mean, behind every great White Chick was a great White Chick Mom.
Current City:
KG: Just North of Atlanta.
SH: White Chick Suburb of Atlanta, GA (and 15 min from Kelli obvi).

KG: Grew up on the south side of ATL and left as soon as possible. 
SH: Not So White Chick Suburb of Atlanta, GA.

One Quick Interesting Fact:
KG: My next-door neighbor was legit arrested for murder in December!!!! From what I can gather it appears to be a classic love triangle with the wife trying to get an insurance payout. It's kind of scary but sort of makes me feel like I have a small part in a soap opera.  Neighbor Pete could be like the evil Stefano from “Days of Our Lives.
SH: I can apply mascara ambidextrously- a secret WC talent.


Chick-fil-A Combo Meal:
KG:#1 Breakfast Combo with a large unsweet tea.
SH: #1 with an Arnold Palmer

Non-threatening Singer-Songwriter:
KG: Dave Matthews
SH: Brad Paisley

Brand of Ridiculously Expensive Blue Jeans:
KG: I know everyone has them, but I LOVE Sevens. And Hudsons. And Citizens.  (Let's just say I have a severe addiction to REBJ, K?)
SH: Joes

Boutique Cupcake Flavor:
KG: Wedding Cake
 SH: Candied Sweet Potato

White Chick Flick: 
KG: I am really torn between "Legends of The Fall" because Brad is so delicious and "Four Weddings and A Funeral" because I have a serious affection for cute, smart, and quirky British men (especially the ones with red hair). 
SH: I’m torn between "Legends of The Fall" (Brad never looked better) and "The Lake House". Sandra on her knees at the end, furiously writing Keanu another letter….do I need to say anymore?

Favorite white chick adult beverage:
KG: Pinot Grig or Vodka Soda (VS's for when I am planning a ridiculous Sunday Brunch the next day and need to save calories.)
SH: Gin and Tonic with extra limes

Favorite White Chick Lit:
KG: "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Vanity Fair".   
SH: “Shopaholic series”, Nora Roberts, “Persuasion” by Jane Austin and “The Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton

Item of Accoutrement/accessory:
KG: David Yurman (I am for serious on a first name basis with a manager at my local store), my Starbucks Gold Card, and my iPhone.
SH: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Cockpit Ray Bans, Kindle (to read my WC Lit) and my David Yurman.


It's been a long week at work, tell us about your ideal white chick weekend
SG: Friday night I usually come home to decompress and catch up on DVR because I never watch my shows during the week (I am SHAMEFULLY behind on Gossip Girl).  But, once I wake up refreshed on Saturday morning any of the following could occur: 

-running with Stacy or coffee/errands/shopping/manis
-meeting my fave White Chicks in the city for drinks and general debauchery
-dinner dates  
-some sort of family event 
-watching White Chick flicks or reading White Chick lit

SH: Since the arrival of the LWC I usually enjoy going for a run with Kelli on Saturday morning and hopefully we have a babysitter lined up to do fun things on Saturday night like a Thrashers game or dinner with friends. It’s still a little hard to get my White Chick party on because the LWC currently wakes up at midnight and 3:30 am. The doctor has advised me that she is on the petite side- already throwing her White Chick-ness in my face. Diva baby.

What are some the things you cherish most as a white chick?
KG: Anything with the letter "K", Starbucks, and carrying all I would ever need in my ridiculously over-sized handbag if I needed to hop on a plane at any moment for a spur of the moment weekend away (my super fabulous and wealthy suitor would, of course, buy any other clothes I might need upon arrival). And koozies.  Big fan of koozies. 

SH: Shopping, dressing the LWC, manicures, reading the WWCC blog and tailgating SEC style in the fall.

If you could be on any reality show which one would you choose and why?
KG: Stacy and I would make a pretty awesome "Amazing Race" duo.  Loved by viewers AND our competitors.  Let's face it--twins are universal. We might fight but only for like 5 minutes and then we would be totally over it.  Also--we really would win--Stacy is super competitive.  Everyone thinks she is all nice and sweet but there is a predator underneath that pretty smile. You've been warned. 

SH: First off, no respectable White Chick would be caught dead on the Bachelor these days. We can find our own White Boys without ABC’s help.  Kelli and I would be on “The Amazing Race” because we make a great team and we’re cute White Chicks. That should help us in most countries…. and being twins.

Tell us a something about you that is very un-white chick
KG: I really like cutting the grass.  I also really love watching Top Gear on BBC America--even though I don't really care about cars.  

SH: I enjoy cutting the grass even though my husband refuses to let me do it. I also can’t decorate very well. I have good ideas but have difficulties in putting them together. All White Chicks are supposed to have homes that belong on the pages of Southern Living Magazine, right?

If you could trade places with any famous white chick who would it be and why?
KG: Kelly Rippa, duh.  I was seriously born for her job.  I excel at being cute while acting silly and flirting with older men.  The fact that Mark Consuelos is unbelievably gorg doesn't hurt either.  He would be part of the package, right?

SH: Jessica Biel, she is in such fantastic shape and seems like the ultimate guy’s girl.

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  1. HA!! I love the part about the diva baby: "The doctor has advised me that she is on the petite side- already throwing her White Chick-ness in my face. Diva baby."

  2. I just want to say that besides myself (of course), you two are the most fabulous WCs I have seen on here! You both sound so fun and I loved reading the post.

    PS good call on Legends of the Fall! Definitely Brad's peak.