Friday, December 3, 2010

White Chick(s) of the Week:Elizabeth and "Legally Fabulous"

I've always operated under the philosophy that if one of anything is fabulous, then two is freaking amazing. So, when I got a request from two spectacular white chicks wanting to be co-WCOTW, I was intrigued to say the least.

And just as the blog has sort of been a social media experiment for me--one that has truly shown me how awesome it is to see things spread across the Interweb--this week's installment of WCOTW further proves the effectiveness of the medium. When I got the WCOTW request from two white chicks, I just assumed they were BFF's from way back in the day.

But these gals are a tad different, they're Twitter BFFs. After exchanging a few emails and realizing they live in entirely different cities and were born in different states, it became apparent something was a little off.

"We don't actually 'know' each other," they wrote. "We met on Twitter! It's like eHarmony for girlfriends!"

So please give a warm WCOTW welcome to Elizabeth (that's her below on the left. You can visit her on Twitter at @E_K_M and read her blog here. ) and Legally Fabulous/LF goes by the handle @LegallyFab1 and her blog is here.


EKM: One never asks a lady's age.
LF: 25

EKM: Auburn University/Public Relations and Management (War Damn Eagle!)
LF: University of Illinois, BS in Broadcast Jorunalism, then law school. (is there a more typical privileged white chick educational path?)

Current City:
EKM: Around Alabama
LF: Chicago

EKM: The capital of sweet home Alabama
LF: Dallas, TX

One Quick, Interesting Fact:
EKM: Everything is interesting about me!
LF: I have a JD and work 18 hours a week for 15 dollars an hour.

The Things They Cherish Most:

Chick-fil-A Combo Meal:
EKM: No. 1 on wheat, no pickles, water on a good day, fountain coke on a bad day.
LF: No. 1 with a Diet Lemonade

Non-Threatening Singer-Songwriter:
EKM:Taylor Swift or Christmas Music
LF: Probably Taylor Swift as well. Taylor doesn't just sing songs, she tells stories. Our stories.

Brand of Ridiculously Expensive Blue Jeans:
EKM: I like my nice Sevens that are more trouser like, but I really wear !iT more, they fit great.
Citizens of Humanity... those aren't ridiculously expensive though?

Boutique Cupcake Flavor:
EKM: Strawberry with cream cheese frosting or anything chocolate.
LF: Red Velvet.

White Chick Flick:
Just saw "Life As We Know It" which was great & total chick flick! But "The Holiday" wins.
LF: "DreamGirls" and all Tyler Perry films.

Favorite Adult Beverage:
EKM: red wine or bourbon
LF: Red Bull/vodka (sugar-free redbull please)

Favorite White Chick Lit:
EKM: Harry Potter and Pat Conroy books are great. And if you're a true WC and majored in pr/broadcast journalism or journalism, you'd know Strunk&White Elements of Style and the AP Stylebook are also near and dear to your heart.
LF: All of Jenn Lancaster's books... I think she is my long lost older sister.

Item of Accoutrement/Accessory:
EKM: Pearls, duh.
LF: I have a big, obnoxious diamond Michele watch that I always wear.


When did you first realize you were a white chick?
EKM: I was born that way.
LF: When my mom told me the other night that she wished she hadn't given me everyhting I'd ever asked for in my entire life.

It's been a long week at work, tell us about your ideal white chick weekend.
EKM: Football in the SEC! Keeping Legally Fab in line via social media and texting.
LF: Binge drinking and husband hunting.

If you could be the contestant on any reality show which one would you choose and why?
EKM: Well LF and I would be in our own reality show. We've already taken a twitter poll and people said they would watch us on TV. It would consist of LF being her usual cray cray self, the dog Elle Woods, EKM and her undying love for Auburn and the state of Alabama. It might be on Lifetime Network unless Bravo picked us up. We would make appearances on the TODAY show because that's what WC's watch in the mornings. The Kardashians and Bethenny Frankel (and baby Brynn and assistant Julie) would want to hang out with us for sure. I think it would be more of a traveling show so we could visit all our twitter friends and see other WC's across the nation.

LF: I kind of hate reality TV. Biggest Loser is my favorite but I don't quite qualify for that yet, so I'm gonna default to EKM here. I need my own show. My life is kind of hilarious/ridiculous, so I'm sure it'd be a hit.

Your wildest dreams come true and you have a chance to be a guest on Oprah, Ellen or Live with Regis&Kelly but only ONE: What did you do to become famous and which show would you want to appear on?
EKM: Oprah, because she gives away free stuff. Ellen is funny but sometimes she's not as popular. Although she did make the "it's just like a mini mall!" guy famous and he's from my hometown. I'm just waiting for Antoine Dodson to show up on her show. Kelly is too skinny, I would feel uncomfortable being next to her and Regis is losing his touch!

LF: I hate Oprah. I text while driving just because I know she doesn't want me to, so that's obviously out. I feel "meh" about Ellen, so I guess Regis and Kelly. I'll probably become famous for defending someone in some sort of ridiculous criminal trial.

Tell us a something about you that is very un-white chick
EKM: I would say going hunting but that seems to be a regular occurrence here in Alabama, so I'd say going to the restroom not in a designated restroom.

LF: I love Beyonce. Like, I'm obsessed. I guess after single ladies that's a pretty white chick thing to say though.

If you could trade places with any famous white chick who would it be and why?
EKM: Probably one of the Bush twins, because they're normal and don't get in trouble like LiLo and Paris. And well now after Kim K's magazine, deal, that's just not so nice.

LF: I like EKM's answer... I'm obsessed with the Bush family. But probably Nancy Grace... she has my dream job. And you either love her or you hate her, which we definitely have in common.

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