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White Chick of the Week: Bailey Schiffel

With Christmas nearly upon us, it only seems fitting that WWCC's newest White Chick of the Week be something of a Christmas Baby. And while it's always an esteemed pleasure to introduce fabulous White Chicks to the WWCC readership, this week's entry means just a bit more given the context and timing of her entry.

Not only does she get to celebrate Christmas this week, she also gets to celebrate a recent birthday AND the amazing honor of joining some especially wonderful gals as WCOTW...truly a great time for her to be alive! So by all means, wish a Merry Christmas, a Happy Birthday and a joyous reign as White Chick of the Week to Bailey Schiffel.


Name: Bailey Schiffel

Age: 26 as of Dec. 21st

College/Major: I graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Studio Art…GO DAWGS!!! (Side note: I went to UGA with 18 hours of credit, and should’ve by all means graduated early. My freshman year I saw a t-shirt that said “Athens Georgia, the best 5 or 6 years of your life” which I found hilariously ridiculous since I planned to be done in 3.5 years. That being said, I graduated from UGA in 5 years, and now own said t-shirt…)

Current City: Wilmington, NC

Occupation: I am in property management and own my own jewelry design business.

Hometown: Wilmington, NC. Yes that makes me a townie…

One quick interesting fact about Bailey: One of my favorite things to do is to ambush pictures. I will go to almost any length to get into someone else’s perfectly posed picture, including, but not limited to crawling on the ground.


Chick-fil-A Combo Meal: #1 with Lemonade, although I’ve recently been testing out the chicken nugget combo with Lemonade. I’ve convinced myself that it’s somehow healthier for me than the chicken sandwich. It totally makes sense. I just followed the same train of thought that we all used to decide that Chick-fil-A isn’t really a fast food establishment. And let me just add, that I won a free lunch from Chick-fil-A a few weeks ago for being the 400th person to go through the drive through that day. It was one of the happiest moments of my life thus far.

Non-threatening Singer-Songwriter: Having grown up at the beach, I’m partial to singer/songwriter/surfer Jack Johnson.

Brand of Ridiculously Expensive Blue Jeans: I’m really into James Jeans right now. They’re surprisingly affordable as far as Expensive Blue Jeans go, and they’re super comfy!

Boutique Cupcake Flavor: This is a really hard question because I like anything with sugar, but if push came to shove, I’d go with the classic white cupcake with chocolate icing. (Side note: Our local cupcake boutique does a flavor of the day, and this past spring they had a bacon flavored cupcake. It sounded so disgusting and wrong that I was tempted to try it, but I chickened out. But seriously, who doesn’t love bacon?)

White Chick Flick: When Harry Met Sally. Harry’s speech at the end totally makes the movie, and I secretly dream that one day I will inspire someone to profess their love for me in the same way that Sally did. I just hope it doesn’t take as long as it took them to get there…yikes!

Favorite white chick adult beverage: Pinot Grigio or Firefly and water. Drinking Firefly can be a very dangerous game because it tastes exactly like sweet tea, but if you add water you are simultaneously re-hydrating so you don’t feel as awful the next day… Strategery.

Favorite White Chick Lit: Water For Elephants. This might be the best book ever written, and its status as White Chick Lit was totally validated when Robert Pattinson was cast to play the main character in the movie version. Everybody knows that white chicks love Robert Pattinson…

Item of Accoutrement/accessory: I don’t go anywhere without my oversized purse. I like to carry everything that I own with me at all times. That way I’m prepared for almost anything.


It's been a long week at work, tell us about your ideal white chick weekend. My ideal white chick weekend includes a few things. It would certainly include shopping for ridiculously expensive blue jeans and shoes with girlfriends in a great place like NYC or Charleston. (Interesting fact: I solidified one of the best friendships of my life while shoe shopping in Italy while studying abroad in the Summer of ’07.) Brunch is a must…obvi. After shopping, we would go to the spa for massages, manicures, and pedicures. For dinner we would go to a nice tapas or fondue restaurant. I dare you to find me a white chick who doesn’t like tapas or fondue. We would then go out and have classy white chick drinks together. And we would end each night with an impromptu late night dance party.

What are some the things you cherish most as a white chick? Farmer’s markets, Anthropologie, Target, Oversized Sunglasses ( I have a signature pair, that I just keep re-ordering whenever I wear them out), Skinny Jeans, Taylor Swift, Impromptu late night dance parties, Tailgating, My finger nail polish collection… I could go on, but I won’t.

If you could be the contestant on any reality show (think The Bachelor, Top Chef, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, etc.) which one would you choose and why? I wouldn’t want to be on a reality show that’s a competition. My dad beat the competitive spirit out of me as a child by never letting me win anything…not even Monopoly. He would do almost anything to beat me, including making up rules before I was able to read. He once put 8 hotels on one property, and bankrupted me within 10 minutes. And the one time that I was actually winning despite the “rules”, he “accidentally” flipped the board over so that we couldn’t keep playing. That’s a whole other story though. That being said, I would really love to have been on Rob & Big. I think that Rob, Big Black Boykin and I would’ve been three best friends. I would’ve been ok with Drama hanging out with us too.

Your wildest dreams come true and you have a chance to be a guest on Oprah, Ellen or Live with Regis&Kelly but only ONE: What did you do to become famous and which show would you want to appear on? I would go on Ellen to discuss my NY Times Bestselling book It’s Not Me; It’s You. A collection of short stories about failed relationships and dating mis-haps. (It’s a work in progress). After the show, we would have an impromptu dance party.

Tell us a something about you that is very un-white chick. I grew up in Compton. That’s probably the most un-white chick place to grow up in America. Well, actually I grew up in a neighborhood called Compton Crossing, but I consider that to be a minor detail that makes my upbringing a whole lot less interesting. Also, I own a torch, and have a studio full of power tools, an assortment of hammers and mallets, pliers, and various other extremely un-white chick equipment.

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